Belgium Blocks Get New Lease on Life in Beach Haven

Aug 15, 2018

An ordinance adopted by the Beach Haven Borough Council Aug. 13 will again allow homeowners to use Belgium Block curbing as an alternative to concrete. However, unlike in the past, the borough will not be responsible for repair should the blocks be damaged by snow removal or other municipal-related actions.

Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis said the Belgium blocks were banned several years ago when the borough was getting overwhelmed by the number of repairs needed.

“But now in all cases when this kind of curbing is installed, as a condition of approval, the homeowner will now be required to sign a waiver and release of all claims against the borough for damages,” she said.

During a public hearing on the ordinance, Martha Lodge, a member of the Beach Haven Historic Preservation Committee, said the group opposes the ordinance. She said the blocks are not visually compatible with streetscapes.

“If you have Belgium Blocks and concrete blocks all mixed in, the neighborhoods are going to have a hodgepodge look,” she said.

Lodge said the Belgium Blocks break easily and are not as durable as concrete.

Local developer William Burris said the advantages of Belgium Blocks “outweigh the disadvantages.”

“The problem with Belgium Blocks was that people were not installing them correctly,” he said. E.E.

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