Benches One More Check-Off on Barnegat Light Pavilion

Donation By Taxpayers Association
Jun 13, 2018

As the new pavilion on the Barnegat Light bayside nears completion, a final touch has been donated by the Barnegat Light Taxpayers Association – benches.

“I was recently notified by the Barnegat Light Taxpayers Association that they are going to donate $5,000 toward the purchase of benches for our new pavilion,” said Borough Councilman Ed Wellington.

“We purchased 19 benches of two types, and the taxpayers’ contribution will fund a little more than half of the cost,” he said.

“The benches are made of PVC material and are virtually maintenance-free. They are expected to be delivered in the next few weeks.

“The pavilion is nearing completion. Currently the pavers surrounding the building are being installed.”

The lighted pavilion on Bayview Avenue between Sixth and Seventh streets, on the cleared site of former Coast Guard housing, will be the setting for the outdoor band concert series. Meetings and programs can be held there, and the public can relax in the open air under the broad roof.

There is no grand opening event planned because work is pending on the field on three sides of the structure. A sprinkler system will be installed, then sod.

Current estimates do have the pavilion opening later this summer, however, perhaps mid-July.

Commending the borough council for bringing the pavilion to fruition, taxpayers association President John Tennyson said, “The board of trustees of the BLTA feel it is important for our organization to contribute to the enhancement and beautification of our wonderful town. Small things, like these benches and our previously donated bike racks, go a long way in our recognition of the commitment that we have to making this special place our town, too.”

Thanked Wellington, “On behalf of the mayor and council, we are very appreciative of this donation and would like to personally thank them for their help and assistance. This is a significant contribution on behalf of the Barnegat Light Taxpayers and demonstrates the ongoing cooperation between the association and the borough council.”

Wine & Cheese

With Taxpayers

Among other taxpayers association announcements is a Wine & Cheese Meet and Greet on June 16 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the firehall on West 10th Street in Barnegat Light.

“All are invited: members, prospective new members and kids. This will be a great way to meet the trustees and officers,” said Tennyson. —M.S.





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