Best for Stafford

Oct 10, 2018

To the people of Stafford:

Recently I made a decision to temporarily resign from the Stafford Township Regular Republican Club and support Democratic candidate Joe Mangino for mayor. I did not make this decision lightly, and I put a lot of thought into putting my support behind Joe.

I have known Joe for many years and I have watched the strong commitment he has always demonstrated to our community. Post-Sandy, Joe helped form the START group and through his leadership and organizational skills he helped many dozens of our residents get back into their homes. Even though his own house was severely damaged he moved forward helping others. He is someone I greatly admire. I have not changed my party affiliation and continue to support most Republicans.

When I found out I was not selected in the primary I called the Republican candidate, Mr. Myhre, the day after the election to congratulate him and offer my support. I also asked him if he would meet with me. Mr. Myhre never called me back.

Much later Joe Mangino contacted me and told me he decided to run for mayor. Joe has been a friend for many years, and a person I know is committed to Stafford. I never met Mr. Myhre, and I do not know him.  However, I felt that I needed to support my friend who has supported me for so many years, and is someone I know would make a great mayor. My loyalty remains with the people of Stafford, and my years of friendship with Joe. These things are more important to me than any political party affiliation.

I am not running for any elected office and I believe anyone has a right to support any candidate they feel is the best for Stafford. I have been a Republican for over 50 years. However, I will always support the best person regardless of party affiliation. How great would it be if all of our elected officials put party affiliations aside and supported what is best for the people they represent?

Being a Republican or Democrat at the municipal level should not be as important as supporting the right people to govern Stafford. I would always support the best candidate regardless of his or her political label. 

John R. Spodofora, mayor

Stafford Township



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