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Oct 03, 2018

To the Editor:

I have seen numerous deceptive and misleading ads on TV about Andy Kim. Such ads upset me and tend to make me feel that the officeholder sponsoring the attack ads has nothing positive to tell his constituents about the things he has done for them during his last term. Thus I began doing some research.

It turns out that Tom MacArthur had never lived in the 3rd District before he decided to run for office. After amassing millions in the risk insurance business he decided to shop for a seat in Congress. He found out that John Runyon intended to retire from his position in the 3rd District. MacArthur then moved into the 3rd District, bought several properties there and began running for the seat. He spent $5 million of his own money doing so. In 2016 he was unopposed.

In 2018 Andy Kim, who had been born and raised in Marlton, attending public schools K-12 there, decided to move back and run for Congress in his native district. Before that, Andy had become a Rhodes Scholar and entered public service in Washington, D.C. He served as a counter terrorism analyst in the Obama administration and as an adviser to Gen. Petraeus. Such expertise could be quite helpful in the current Congress.

Kim has been accused by MacArthur of not paying taxes. In fact, when he received a homestead tax rebate on his home in Washington, D.C., he immediately paid it back. Since he has been renting in Marlton his property taxes are paid for through his landlord. Thirty-six percent of the people in New Jersey who also rent are doing the same thing.

In addition, Kim has been accused of wanting to raise taxes in New Jersey. Let it be noted that members of Congress have no say over a state’s property, sales or income taxes. Actually I believe Rep. MacArthur has already raised our taxes since he was the only member of the entire New Jersey delegation to vote for the Republican tax cut scam. As a result, if we itemize our deductions, our deduction for property, income and sales taxes is limited to $10,000.

Unfortunately, since many of us, especially in Ocean County, live in average-sized houses that happen to be waterfront, our assessed value is quite high, and we will be paying higher taxes on our IRS tax return in April 2019.

Civics 101 teaches us that a member of Congress must not only represent but also be accessible to the people. Tom MacArthur was the author of an amendment to repeal the ACA (Obamacare). His amendment would have made it easier not to cover all pre-existing conditions. At this point I attempted to reach MacArthur’s office. It was impossible to get through, maybe because I live in District 2.

However, my call was about a young member of my family who has a very serious pre-existing condition who lives in District 3. Fortunately, although the bill passed in the House it failed in the Senate. Take comfort in the fact that your pre-existing conditions are still covered in New Jersey. And your children may still remain on your insurance plan until they are 26.

If you live in congressional districts 2 or 3, please vote for the candidate who will best represent your personal concerns. 

Lois Smoot

Harvey Cedars



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