Better Off Without It

Nov 08, 2017

To the Editor:

I was there in 2006 when our community rallied to prevent the construction of Delilah’s Den. I was one of the pastors who stood beside alarmed parents, teachers and residents at every meeting. I remember the arguments given in favor of building a strip club in our town, including construction jobs and tax benefits. And I have not forgotten the concerns that were voiced at that time. Chief among them was the damaging impact a local strip club would have on our children. When Delilah’s Den was ultimately denied access to our community, we celebrated. Our town was better off without Delilah’s Den. 

I was reminded of this incident when I read Peter Cardillo’s insightful letter regarding the publication Sex, etc. (“Sex, etc. Challenged,” 10/25) and Rick Mellerup’s  story (“Pinelands Regional Jr. High Defends Sex, etc. Magazine,” 11/1).

In retrospect, Delilah’s Den would have had very limited access to the children of our community. For example, what junior high educator, in their right mind, would ever plan a field trip to Delilah’s Den? And how well would it fare if a middle school teacher were to invite professional strippers into health class to reveal trade secrets? The very thought of these activities generates shock and disgust, and rightly so. 

And yet, a mere decade later, if I understand the argument correctly, it is now deemed “educational” for a 19-year-old “sexpert” to instruct our junior high students on the finer points of oral sex, anal sex, hooking up and orgasm? 

I do understand the arguments in favor of providing publications like Sex, etc. to middle school students, including free speech and comprehensive sex education, just as I understood the arguments in support of Delilah’s Den. However, after reading portions of this magazine for myself, including some of the material that The SandPaper wisely edited for content, I cannot help but reach the same conclusion I did a decade earlier. Our community would be better off without Sex, etc.   

Michael Dellaperute

Little Egg Harbor


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