Beware of Promises

Nov 01, 2017

To the Editor:

With the entire Legislature on the ballot this election year, New Jerseyans are likely hearing numerous politicians promise to reform the state’s school funding formula. Our property taxes are the highest in the nation, predominantly caused by billions in tax dollars pouring into continually failing urban school districts, due to New Jersey’s unaffordable and broken school funding formula.

Before you go to the polls on Election Day (Nov. 7), be forewarned that whoever makes a promise to reform the state’s school funding formula and lower your property taxes will most likely fall into the same category as all previous legislators. Sen. Christopher Connors of the 9th Legislative District is on record stating that Little Egg Harbor and other similarly situated municipalities will continue to be undefended until the Democratic majority leadership in the state Legislature acts. Presently there is no motivation for them to reform the formula as their municipalities benefit from the status quo.

Republican candidate for governor Kim Guadagno has offered her tax-relief plan called “circuit breaker,” a plan that would cap individual property taxes at a percentage of household incomes. Ms. Guadagno’s Democrat opponent, Phil Murphy, talks of restructuring the New Jersey economy, renewing emphasis on neglected sectors, whatever that means.

In addition to taxing the rich, he’s also banking on another sin tax with the legalization of marijuana as a source or revenue. Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs executive, has been endorsed by numerous elected officials to whom he has been a financial contributor. It has been said that Murphy is attempting to “rig this election with his Goldman Sachs wealth.”

Art Mooney

Little Egg Harbor


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