Beware Phone Scammers Trying to Get a ‘Yes’

Jan 31, 2017

“Can you hear me?”

Police in several states are urging people to avoid answering this simple question, and some others, from a phone number they do not know.

The question is aimed at getting unsuspecting victims to say “yes” – an answer the scammer then records as a way to authorize charges on a phone, utility or credit card bill.

Scammers are also using phrases like “Are you the lady of the house?” “Do you pay the household telephone bills?” or “Are you the homeowner?”

These calls often appear to come from a local area code, which is designed to make the victim feel more comfortable. Consumer protection advocates recommend that people hang up when these come in.

The Long Beach Township Police Department is among other local authorities sending out a warning about this scam this week.  —M.S.

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