BHW’ers Misled

Feb 15, 2017

To the Editor:

We here in Beach Haven West are concerned about Stafford Township officials reversing their decision to rebuild the Mill Creek civic building.

At the township council meeting Jan. 24 I requested to see the building’s architectural rendering and the plan needed to request bids. The answer from Mayor John Spodofora was “no.” Over the years Township Administrator James Moran and the mayor stated the bids were sent out and returned. Then they said the returned bids were too expensive for the building and the project needed to be put on hold until the New Bay Avenue Community Center was finished.

All this time Beach Haven West residents have been misled, believing the township would replace the Mill Creek building. At the township meeting it sounded as if Beach Haven West will not have a replacement building on Mill Creek Road.

The Beach Haven West Civic Association has appeared over the years at township meetings to help plan the new building, to no avail. If people remember, actor Alec Baldwin donated $250,000 to help rebuild the Beach Haven West Mill Creek building.

That we were not given true answers is outrageous and may not be legal. If residents would like the building replaced, we need them to attend the council meetings or write to the mayor and council.

Robert McManus

Beach Haven West


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