Bigger Burden

Oct 18, 2017

To the Editor:

The LBI shuttle is operated by Long Beach Township, and a paid advertisement by the LBI Chamber of Commerce supports a township referendum for funding an expansion of the shuttle service.

As we all know, the taxpayers of Long Beach Township are paying a substantial amount of all the expenses for the LBI shuttle due to the free charge for the ridership utilizing the shuttle service. However, should there be a fee charged to the ridership? It is questionable if the number of riders would stay relatively the same or actually decrease.

The referendum, if approved, would certainly increase the tax burden of township taxpayers for the following reasons.

1. There would be an increase in spending to acquire large buses, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each and burn more fuel and cost more to maintain.

2. Operating costs would substantially increase by requiring additional drivers with a Class B air brake certification, additional mechanics, cleaning staff, dispatching staff, fuel, etc. Long Beach Township is now paying for all the personnel and expenses for staff and operating expenses.

3. Insurance costs would increase. They are now being paid under the township policy.

4. New Jersey bus service is regulated by the state, and the law will probably require that there be a special certificate to operate a bus service that charges a fare for the service in the same manner as state-owned and operated New Jersey Transit is regulated in New Jersey.

There is no such thing as something for nothing, especially when taxpayers are paying the bill.

Ronald Faillace

Surf City


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