Bipartisan Scam

Sep 26, 2018

To the Editor:

In 2016 the state floated a misleading ballot question to raise the gas tax by 23 cents. At the time Seth Grossman was screaming from the rooftops to vote no on the question, but not enough heeded the call. We’ve all seen the results of that con job.

Now they’re at it again with another misleading question involving $500 million in bonds for building vocational schools. Knowing that the state is broke and nearing default, this time there is a provision hidden deep in the bill that lets the state off the hook and sets it in your mouth. In the event of default, a special assessment will be required of the counties on your property tax bill. You won’t see that on the question or the interpretive statement.

Once again it’s Seth Grossman, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District seat, leading the charge to save New Jersey taxpayers from this bipartisan scam. Send the state and Wall Street a message by voting no on the bond issue. We can also send Seth to Washington where he’ll have our back on the national stage.

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor

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