Blast From Past

Aug 08, 2018

To the Editor:

I have a different point of view than Carolyn Goeckel (“Sounding the Alert,” 7/25).

Anyone who lives within a six-block radius of the fire siren is more than aware that the volume of the alarm is so abrasive that it not only affects children but pets and adults as well. It interferes with daily activities such as conversations and sleep, and also it is very painful to be exposed to the blasting and piercing sound. If you have an autistic child or an elderly loved one at home with dementia, the sounds are extremely distressing to them.

The siren serves no purpose except to torture the vacationers and residents who reside close to the blasting sound, and they have no choice but to tolerate the noise every time the horn is blasted.

The siren does not provide a “safety service.” The traveling fire trucks and ambulance horns should be enough of a warning and enough of a notice that our brave and altruistic volunteers are answering the call.

The brave fire, EMTs and rescue workers answering the call on 9/11 in New York City did not have a community alarm that was blasted as they answered that fateful call, and our entire nation honors and respects them.

Our local residents honor and respect our volunteer firefighters and rescue workers. We remain hopeful that the Long Beach Island fire companies will embrace the advanced technology of a silent alert system, which, by the way, some of the volunteers already use. The fire alarm is an outdated form of notification as well as an irritant.

Linda Harper

Surf City




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