Blatantly Political

Sep 19, 2018

To the Editor:

This letter is sent under the banner, “You Just Cannot Take Your Eyes Off of Them.”

On Thursday, Sept. 13, a get-together was held at the Pinewood Firehouse on Route 72 in Barnegat with the township committee and residents of Pinewood, Brighton at Barnegat, and Paramount Escapes to announce that a Quality ambulance would be kept at the firehouse to improve response time to these communities. Great news!

However, leave it to the partisan committee in Barnegat to make it a Republican campaign event.

Mayor Caputo, under the watchful eye of Republican boss Bille, gave a nice speech but then introduced the Republican committee candidates as the next members of the committee. What an arrogant statement, especially since the campaign is far from over.

Even after being bullied into not running this year, Caputo remains loyal to the boss simply by introducing these candidates who also posed for a photo as if on the committee already. Ugh.

My point here is that Democratic candidates Dan Ward and Paul Whitcraft were not invited to the event and they were not mentioned as also running for the township committee.

This event was blatantly political in nature and designed to introduce these candidates on community time. Had all candidates been invited and introduced, I would not be writing this letter.

Citizens of Barnegat, keep a close watch because this partisan committee could not be more self-serving. It is time for a change in Barnegat and time to elect Dan Ward and Paul Whitcraft and bring two-party government to Barnegat.

Thank you to all of the first responders who attended the event for all they do for our community. Sorry they were not the main focus.

Ron Naples


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