Brown’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in 40th Year

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Apr 14, 2017

Brown’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is proud to observe its 40th anniversary this year, and its business has expanded to serve Long Beach Island and all of Ocean County from its original Monmouth County roots.

While speaking with the company owners about that milestone, conversation turned also to some interesting trends in the industry, which this article will get to right now, before we return to the background of this specific company’s success.

What’s new in the industry?

Wi-Fi thermostats are huge!

A Wi-Fi thermostat allows convenience and amenity knowing your home temperature will always be just how you like it, set from anywhere.

“You can even adjust it on your way down to the beach house, so it’s perfect for you and your family’s arrival,” the owners of Brown’s explained.

“It’s easy to install and use and competently fits in with your lifestyle. You can program it based on your schedule, or let it adapt to your life as plans change.

“This is such a big trend in the industry because an individual can control their thermostat from anywhere simply by using their smartphone or tablet: helping keep life simple and removing the guesswork while ensuring maximum comfort when you’re at home and saving you money on your energy bills.

“If something in your home or business is not working, numbers are off, or a system is failing, you will be notified so the problem does not get more substantial and (you can) handle any issues remotely. This is a pretty big deal.”

Air Conditioning

Fights Mold, As Well

Speaking of seasonal timeliness for keeping summer cool, early spring is the time to make sure air conditioning needs are addressed. Repair, maintenance and installation can be done now. Homeowners want to make sure everything is working properly before the heat waves begin.

The home air conditioner is essential for proper humidification. This is what prevents mold, company experts pointed out.

Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner loses about 5 percent of its original efficiency for each year of operation. Just like your car, an AC needs regular tune-ups to keep working correctly.

And remember, the best time to have air conditioning maintenance performed is before you start having issues with it. So if you want to avoid mold down the shore, keep the humidity at bay with your air conditioner, Brown’s advises.

Brown’s Background:

Customer Satisfaction

Brown’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is known for providing exceptional, professional HVAC installation and repair services since 1977. The company offers its “100 Percent Customer Satisfaction Pledge,” made possible by a commitment to quality workmanship, company owners state.

The company’s “24/7 emergency service and always a live person to talk to are all a part of Brown’s basic standards and motto to prove their passion for getting the job done,” owners say of their philosophy.

“Brown’s has survived and surpassed for decades because they stick to their principles, solidifying them as not only ethical, but also credible. They connect with the individuals who they service because their relationships are built on trust. No games,” outlines the company.

The motto is “Top Quality Work Done Right The First Time.”

The company pledges to give the cost upfront, as well. Flat rates apply so there are no surprises, such as no hidden fees, no extra labor costs, and so forth.

The history is that after 24 years of dedicated service with the New Jersey Natural Gas Co., “Brownie” and Joyce Brown began a full-time business as a residential HVAC company in New Jersey. Initially, in August 1977, along with the help and support of his wife, Joyce, this one-man company was run from their home in Shrewsbury. By 1979, the business had quickly grown due to Brown’s strong work ethic, quality service and love for people. It continued over the years to grow to the well-established entity it is today.

In 2002, both Brownie and Joyce passed away, leaving the business to Carolyn, their daughter, who is president and owner. Because of her wealth of knowledge in the HVAC industry, she has developed the second-generation company by acquiring a customer base that numbers 17,000 residents in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

The manufacturers, supply houses and dealerships have a deep and sincere respect for her commitment to the growth and development of the HVAC industry locally.

In 2006, Ray Dietrich became part owner of Brown’s Heating and Cooling, a business he loves. “Ray is very knowledgeable, fair, honest, and highly committed to Browns’ and serving the evolving community across the board,” the family of owners notes.

As one of the Brown’s company owners, Carolyn gives this personal account about the family aspect of the business’ history.

“After my father started the company from home, working nights and weekends to support the six of us, with Mom handling the operations, Brown’s officially became a family business.

“After they both passed within six weeks of each other, I took over as per their request. Ray, who started as a service tech, was like a son to my father, and now he is one of the owners. We’ve always been a family!”

List of Services

For All Seasons

The list of main services that the company offers includes: gas heating system, air conditioning system, or both; boiler system only; humidifier coverage; gas/electric water heater coverage; hot water heater service; whole house plumbing service; indoor air quality; radiant heat systems; attic fans; instant hot water heaters; Unico heating and cooling systems.

In addition, the company lists the following complete service, offering installation, repair and maintenance of furnace, baseboard heat, hot water heater, plumbing and air conditioning.

Brown’s also does whole house generator installation, radiant heat installation, repair and maintenance, and boiler installation, repair and maintenance.

Yearly maintenance contracts are available, and in fact are a good idea for maximizing efficiency.

“The goal is to custom fit the right plan for your unit, giving you the best performance possible,” say company owners.

Summary thoughts from Ray Dietrich wrap up what he says keeps the company strong in its 40th year.

“Most of our business comes from word of mouth. That is earned, not purchased, so we take pride in our customer-first motto. We look to build great customer relationships to last for many years by doing what’s best for them, not just our bottom line.

“I feel that’s how we have been so successful for the last 40 years. I love when someone tells me that their parents and grandparents have used us forever. Our services being passed down through generations speaks volumes and makes me very proud to be a part of this company.”

To make an appointment or discuss customer needs, call 732-741-0694 or 800-741-0694. The website is brownshc.com.

— Maria Scandale

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