Build on Positives

Apr 26, 2017

To the Editor:

After reading Howard Buerkle’s column, “Bringing Back Beach Haven Business Requires Work” (4/12), guess what? Anything works if the time and energy are there. Yes, Howard, your essay is very good and well written, but I think its purpose should be to give a signal to retail businesses and town leaders to “wake up.” If it does that, it’s well worth it.

Beach Haven has a very good mayor, Nancy Davis, and more should follow her lead. There are positives to build on. One example of this is Surflight Theatre is coming back, a Beach Haven attraction that will bring in families.

Look at Wawa and you can learn why it does well. It’s very clean. There is a maintenance man always outside cleaning up. Inside, employees are sweeping and washing windows. If there is broken concrete, Wawa’s outside putting in a new sidewalk. So is it the brand or the actions of its employees?

I used to own my own gas station and often admired the Hess gas station for its cleanliness and hard work appearances. All Hess employees cleaned windshields front and back (what happened to that?) and they were always cleaning their pumps and their glass fronts. Why? Because, and here’s the lesson, it’s not that they were really dirty, but it’s the look it gave to the public: This brand, Hess, is clean and profitable!

Getting back to Beach Haven, do things right and people will come. Retail stores owners, take a good look at yourselves. Are your stores presentable to the public? Are your employees friendly to the public?

Also, the borough needs to take down those ridiculous traffic light that hang by wires that really blow on a windy day, creating a dangerous situation for cars and pedestrians. Everything and everyone need to be a reflection of the community, including business owners, employees, public servants, etc. We want people to have a positive experience when they visit Beach Haven so they will return.

Jim Doherty

Waretown, N.J.


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