Burdensome Taxes

Sep 19, 2018

To the Editor:

For several years Barnegat residents have been subjected to one-party rule on the township committee. During that time the Republicans have raised the municipal tax rate 20 percent with no improvement in services or infrastructure. In fact, the Republicans have spent lavishly on feathering their own respective nest eggs.

Former Republican Committeeman Marty Lisella was given the job of township manager with a substantial salary and benefits. Former Republican Committeewoman Susan McCabe was rewarded for her service on the township committee with a lucrative contract as township attorney for human resources.

When Barnegat Mayor Frank Caputo tried to stop the gravy train he was condemned and censured by his fellow Republicans. While all this was going on the all-Republican county freeholders also raised tax rates significantly, though not as much as the Barnegat Township Committee.

As Republicans are raising taxes at the municipal and county level, many Barnegat residents will find themselves paying more in taxes to the federal government thanks to the Donald Trump/Tom MacArthur Republican tax bill, which limits deductions for state and local taxes as well as removing personal exemptions. Property taxes in Barnegat are already too high. Now we are limited as to how much we can deduct. What’s worse, as the Republican Township Committee keeps raising taxes, more Barnegat residents will find themselves exceeding the cap that Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur helped put in place.

There is another tax that is more subtle but extremely burdensome nevertheless. Thanks to Donald Trump and Tom MacArthur’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, many Barnegat residents, especially seniors, are vulnerable to a hidden tax that consists of drastically higher health insurance premiums, as much as 30 percent for individual policyholders. For people with chronic or pre-existing conditions, this can be deadly as they can no longer afford the premiums for adequate coverage enabling access to affordable health care.

This November we can send a message that Republican tax increases are no longer acceptable.

Ken Bank



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