Calling all Ketch Employees From 1984

Sep 05, 2018

Philadelphia resident Rick Titlebaum is trying to revisit a simpler time in his life when he spent a summer on LBI working but enjoying Island life while being young and fancy-free. Specifically, he is on the search for old LBI coworkers and friends from 1984.

Titlebaum was a waiter at The Ketch Bar and Restaurant in the summer of 1984. That season, well over 30 years ago now, was one of his most memorable.

“The dynamic was fun and for me marked a clear turn in my life,” said Titlebaum, who characterizes that summer as one filled with beach days, surf fishing, hikes to the south end and clamming. His responsibilities were limited and of the low-stake variety: waiting tables, entertaining vacationers and spending nights at The Ketch, Nardi’s and Hudson House.

In that four-month stretch, Titlebaum had relished the last of his carefree youth and forged friendships and memories before beginning his ascent into adulthood. Between then and now, Titlebaum had lost touch with most of his beloved fellow staff members at the Beach Haven bar.

“As it has been some time I don’t remember last names and only kept in touch with one or two folks for about a year or so. Life moved on, got busier,” he said.

“I kept stopping back in Beach Haven for at least a day every year,” said Titlebaum. “My beach walks and bike rides through town would always have me hopeful that I would bump into one of the old gang and I would have a chance to reminisce and fill in the blanks from some of the memories of 1984.”

Titlebaum has one simple wish: to check in on his old Ketch pals.

“In terms of a formal reunion, that is too far ahead of my thought process at this point. First step is to see if I can find a few of the old staff and decide where to take it from there,” he said.

“Honestly I may have started too late in the summer and this may be a better project for summer 2019.”

Arnie, Trina, Jack, Vince, Tony, Kat? If you were an employee at The Ketch in 1984 and remember Rick Titlebaum, you can contact him at  —S.H.


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