Car Care on the Air Through the ‘Twin Cams’

Sep 21, 2016

Early last summer, Barnegat Township resident Frank Santolla and his twin brother Sal decided to take their car care expertise to the air waves.

The result was the “Riptide Rollers Automotive Radio Show,” which airs every weekend on WBNJ in Barnegat at 91.9 FM and online at The half-hour shows are broadcast on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9 and 9:30, respectively.

“The show features a variety of automotive topics and technical support to callers,” said Frank. “My brother and I are known as the ‘Twin Cams, Intake and Exhaust.’ Sal’s show name is Intake and mine is Exhaust.” For the past 30 years, the twins have been co-owners of Apple Tire and Auto Service in Rahway.

Frank said the program, which is recorded on Tuesdays, features automotive stories and answers to technical questions.

“We can receive messages on all levels, 24/7,” said Santolla. “We respond back to our listeners who message us and then we set up a time for a phone-in recording.”

Santolla said besides call-in questions, some of the topics covered include the craziest thing you ever did to get out of being stuck on the road and what not to do with your car.

“Some amusing automotive stories regarding what not to do were like the guy who wanted to show everyone in the diner that he was at how the remote start worked on his pickup truck,” said Santolla. “The only problem was that it was a stick shift vehicle that he left in gear. Upon starting, it launched across the parking lot into another parked car. The police showed up to take a report and had to indicate that although the truck drove clear across the parking lot, there was no driver. Except for the individual whose vehicle got destroyed, the other patrons all had a good laugh.”

He said another story on what not to do was about the driver of a very nice Cadillac who thought that he could make it through a flooded street based upon the height of the water against the curb line.

“The only thing that he did not take into consideration was that the roadway dipped very low at the center of the flood,” he said. “His car wound up floating with him in it.”

He said the inspiration for the show came from the automotive car show on NPR called “Car Talk,” featuring the Magliozzi brothers, Ray and Tom.

“They were known as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers,” said Santolla. “They were very professional and extremely funny and a hard act to follow. We incorporate humor in our shows all of the time to try to make the shows enjoyable.”

Santolla said listeners can contact the program through, email or call 732-428-4482.

“We’re also on Facebook,” he said. “We also cover announcements about car shows, races or any other automotive event,” he said. “We have made some public appearances at certain automotive events and plan to do some more in the future.”

— Eric Englund




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