Caring Congressman

Oct 24, 2018

To the Editor:

Tom MacArthur was a child when his mother passed away from cancer; the family had no insurance. His father worked three jobs to pay the medical bills. Tom and Debbie’s first sweet child, Gracie, was born with special needs, which shaped the MacArthur family’s life and led to Tom’s active engagement in working to fix our broken healthcare system. He understands the importance of healthcare insurance as much as anyone.

The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) has not served our seniors and working class families as promised. The cost of premiums has risen and services decreased. Over 20 million people remain without insurance under Obamacare. Tom MacArthur’s contribution toward improving health care gives states flexibility, which according to independent observers would bring premiums down by 20 to 30 percent.

Vicious “attack ads” by Tom’s opponent have falsely accused him of supporting an “age tax,” which he would never do. He would also never vote to cut Medicare or Social Security or remove pre-existing conditions. I asked him and I believe him.

One thing you may not know about Tom and Debbie is they have quite a few pets that they love deeply. Being active for many years with animal shelters, I have admired their efforts to save animals. Tom has been a strong advocate of animal protection bills in Congress. He has cosponsored bills for pet and women safety, dog and cat meat trade prohibition, and humane cosmetics testing, along with bills to protect puppies, horses and Orca whales.

Locally, Tom and Debbie have been great friends to the Southern Ocean Animal Shelter. Animals count on us to elect humane legislators like Tom..

How do I describe Tom MacArthur? Fair, honest, caring and intelligent – the kind of congressman we all need.

Dottie Reynolds

Barnegat Light

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