Cedar Run Resident Arrested After Admitting to Wearing ‘Clear, Plastic Dry Cleaning Bag’ on the Beach

Oct 04, 2016
Source: Beach Haven Police Department Stephen Wojciehowski, of Cedar Run

Stephen Wojciehowski, 59, of Cedar Run was arrested for lewdness last week, after multiple people reported seeing him at the Ocean Street beach in Beach Haven for a couple of days “wearing a homemade, clear plastic wrap bikini, where his genitals were clearly exposed and observed by the public, on the public beach,” according to borough police.

Det. Joseph Boehler, who made the arrest, said officers were first notified of the situation by a couple of women who had snapped photographs of the offender laying on the beach. While the police department asked the public for help identifying the man in the photos via a Facebook post, one of the women who had first reported the incident notified police that he was again on the beach a few days later.

Sgt. Sean McCaffrey approached Wojciehowski on the beach, though the beach-goer “didn’t admit to anything,” Boehler said. The following day the mainland resident voluntarily came to the station, where he admitted to the crime.

“He admitted that it was him and that he used a clear, plastic dry cleaning bag,” said Det. Sgt. Jim Markoski, noting the incident was a “very rare” occurrence for the department.

According to Markoski, Wojciehowski was required to appear in court this past Monday, but his lawyer, Curtis Dowell of Brant Beach, has postponed the appearance to Nov. 7.

Wojciehowski could not be reached for comment.  —K.A.E. 


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