Challenging Run

Oct 12, 2016

To the Editor:

I give participants in the 18-mile run on LBI so much credit for braving the elements on Sunday.

These runners, as well as all the volunteers, proved to have the will and the stamina to face whatever came their way. There were periods of torrential downpours and gusty winds that did not deter the runners from their destiny, which was the finish line. They ran into that wind and rain for the entire trek, with many of them never questioning themselves as to if they should stop and give up.

I’m sure every step they ran was for a good purpose. Some were running for cancer, as I noticed the symbols on their attire that represented their cause.  I’m sure it was all worth it in the end.

As a reminder, October is breast cancer awareness month for all you women and, yes, men, too. Don’t forget to go get your mammograms to ensure we will have you all around for the next big run in 2017. 

Bless all for taking on the challenge Sunday. I hope the runners achieved everything they set out accomplish. Great job and congrats!

Patty Kelly

Beach Haven Park



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