Change Needed

Oct 19, 2016

To the Editor:

Since 2010, the LBI school board has been considering the issue of consolidating or not consolidating the LBI and Ethel Jacobsen elementary schools. If consolidated, which school would be kept, which school sold? 

During this time, students have not been provided with the best environment conducive to learning. Repairs required in both schools for the safety of the students following Superstorm Sandy have not been done. The urgency has been overshadowed by the consolidation controversy. 

At a recent Barnegat Light Borough Council meeting, it became apparent that while a school board should provide leadership and actively engage the community in our schools, our taxpayers and voting public are confused and uninformed regarding the important issue of consolidation. The board is not functioning as a cohesive group and it appears that factions and personal agendas have taken on a life of their own. Much of their business is done behind closed doors with a total lack of transparency.

Change is greatly needed, and we in Barnegat Light have the opportunity to make change happen in the Nov. 8 election. We are fortunate to have school board candidate Nancy Spark, who has the credentials to be a very effective member of the board. Nancy is a college graduate and former board member, serving several years as president and vice president and on the negotiating and finance committees. She is a successful Realtor, chair of the Barnegat Light Zoning Board, secretary of the Barnegat Light Republican Club, operated a building business with her husband for many years, parent of two former LBI students and is known for her integrity and reputation for honesty.   

New leadership on the school board is vital to effectively allow the board to come to agreement on a plan of action to resolve the issues preventing our schools from functioning productively and competently. Vote for Nancy Spark to represent Barnegat Light on the school board.

Dottie Reynolds, councilwoman

Barnegat Light

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