Charting a New Course

Oct 24, 2018

To all Stafford residents:

The outgoing mayor of Stafford Township, John Spodofora, recently announced his “temporary” resignation from the Stafford Township Regular Republican Club (STRRC) to endorse the Democratic mayoral candidate. While Mr. Spodofora is free to endorse whomever he wants, he is not entitled to create his own set of facts. I am a witness to those facts and I would like to state the events following the June primary in full context.

I did have a friendly chat with Mr. Spodofora a few days after the primary and wished him well in completing his remaining six months in office. He in turn offered his help and support. We briefly discussed meeting one another but no date was set and I was left with the impression that we could talk during the transition period after the November general election, as this is standard protocol at all levels of government.

A few weeks later, council candidate Tom Steadman and several other supporters of our team received a letter from STRRC stating that their membership would be indefinitely suspended since they had allegedly violated bylaws through their support of our team in the June Republican primary. At their June meeting Mr. Spodofora made the motion to expel candidate Steadman and the four other members from his organization.

Mr. Spodofora’s unusual post-primary behavior can be described in many ways, but “help and support” of the winning Republican team are not the first words that come to mind. This is also particularly unsettling as it was widely understood at the time that I was unopposed in the general election since the local Democrats did not run any candidates in the June primary.

In fact, the Democratic mayoral candidate is a fill-in for their party’s first choice who qualified for the nomination by write-in. This seat shuffling was only completed in late August. Was Mr. Spodofora’s June offer of support disingenuous? Only he knows for sure, but that is immaterial at this point.

I wanted to give the outgoing mayor and council a wide berth to complete their term and do the job that the people had elected them to do without any undue interference. Mr. Spodofora’s recent comments indicate that he may have taken this gesture of goodwill as a snub. Despite his rhetoric, I still want to see the mayor do the best job he can for Stafford as he closes out his term.

Our team promises transparent leadership you can trust and we have no interest in petulance or sophistry. The people have spoken and it is time to chart a new course. Elections are about the future and we will do better for Stafford. Vote Column A for Republicans on Nov. 6.

Greg Myhre

Stafford Township

The writer is the Stafford Township Republican mayoral candidate.



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