Chevy Lopez to Present Locals Night Party; New Album Mood Ring Drops Friday at Pop’s

Jun 12, 2018

Chevy Lopez, the LBI-based original funk and “gnar & b” project, is proud to announce the release of its new album, Mood Ring, on June 15, with a party at Joe Pop’s Shore Bar and Restaurant in Ship Bottom, where the group will perform for the first time locally since the New Year’s Eve firehouse bash. The shindig starts at 9 p.m.

About three years ago, the band recorded in bass player Alex Stockton-Rossini’s parents’ house in Ship Bottom. “It was a pretty wild experience,” he recalled. “We had drums in the living room and wires running all through the house, amps strewn about. You could barely walk through the upstairs. We poured our souls into that project and recorded for about four days, giving way to nine songs.”

Since then, the musicians “refined, produced, split up, came back, and everything in between,” Stockton-Rossini said. Lead singer Lexi Todd joined and started different bands; lead guitarist Greg Warren journeyed to the West Coast to hone his skills; and Stockton-Rossini toured the country and made records with his rock band, Late Night Episode. “We divided and we thrived as individuals,” he added. Completing the lineup are Ryan McShea on guitar, keyboard and percussion, and Chris Cielazewicz on drums. The band formed in 2010.

Even while apart, they always reconvened on the Island, to play together, share experiences and nurture the relationship that has yielded another original album, Mood Ring. Find it on SoundCloud:

With nine tracks, Mood Ring is Chevy Lopez’s debut full-length album. “Filled with love and heartbreak, funky flows and chill vibes,” it’s a product of the band members’ passion for music and each other.

RSVP on the Facebook event page: Locals Night With Chevy Lopez.  —V.F.

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