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Oct 31, 2018

To the Editor:

What a year it has been in Stafford politics!

So much has been said and written, but boiled down, Stafford voters have a very clear choice on Nov. 6. In the mayoral race, it’s a choice between the Democrat, Joe Mangino, a “progressive,” and Republican Greg Myhre, a conservative.

For some voters, that is definitive. But should it be? In my opinion, Stafford voters should consider the consequences of having a liberal Democrat in its mayoralty at a time when the governor’s seat is held by an equally liberal Democrat.

In just 10 months in office, Gov. Phil Murphy has dedicated $2.1 million for free legal aid to illegal immigrants; cut state aid to suburban school districts, including Stafford; earmarked $20 million so 13 community colleges can be tuition-free to eligible students; and who as soon as this election is over plans to make recreational marijuana legal in our state.

Mangino is not Murphy, but he is cofounder of New Jersey Organizing Project, which is linked to the Action Network. Look up both organizations to see the true left-wing politics Stafford’s Democrat mayoral candidate embraces.

Myhre and his running mates’ campaign literature states that they will defend Stafford from far-left policies, protect residents’ rights, and provide responsible, transparent leadership. They are fiscal and regulatory conservatives.

The choice is clear. Mine is for Greg Myhre and all of Column A.

Shell Weiss

Stafford Township

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