Cinderella Story? Mystery of the Abandoned Shoes

By PATTY KELLY | Aug 22, 2018
Courtesy of: Patty Kelly

The other morning after a usual busy summer weekend on LBI, I was on my morning walk/jog to filter out the old system, “toxins in, toxins out,” when I noticed a pair of unusually high-wedged shoes on the ground. It brought back memories of my younger years when we would dance all night until our feet could take no more of the uncomfortable, gorgeous shoes that we crammed our feet into to go clubbing, for lack of better words as I have no idea if the verbiage has since changed.

The poor, discarded shoes stood out like a sore thumb on that sunny Sunday morning. It can only be surmised that the person who wore the shoes was most likely walking home from Nardi’s since it was only a couple blocks away. This led me to wonder why she did not request a ride from the pink Nardi’s bus.

The shoes must have been kicked off when the strap on one finally broke after all the pressure of the night’s events. Poor lonely, pretty shoes! It left me wondering what the “Cinderella” girl would think when she woke up the next morning without her shoes. Did she at least have a wonderful time dancing the night away? Did she find her Prince Charming? Well, if we all could be as lucky, though I do have a prince for a husband (kiss, kiss, darlin’).

These days, I am lucky if I can stay up past 9 p.m. After a long day of work leading into making dinner for the fam, then doing the cleanup, I am left with the thought that “I just want to take my shoes off, put my feet up and relax” before heading to bed. With one exception, of course: I must have my ice cream fix.

It seems to be exceptionally busy this summer on the Island, more so than last year, or it could just be me and my imagination. The lines at the ice cream parlors appear to be extremely long no matter which venue you visit. This is good news for the business sector, but not for the person standing in the line. That is why I send my hubby out to grab me a to-go cup, hence my Prince Charming.

Many of the ice cream parlors have taken to having someone walk through the lines to take orders to move things along. It also saves people from having to stand too long and have sore feet in their maybe uncomfortable shoes. Great idea!

This brings me back to the “Cinderella Story.” Though my dancing-all-night days are in the past, I still tend to don those uncomfortable shoes on occasion to meet the dress-up standards of the day. I totally get the reason for the discarded shoes on the side of the road. I am not sure why we torture ourselves, ladies, other than to make a fashion statement, but we really need to start being kinder to our feet.

It has been stated by the medical society that as we age, we naturally develop problems with our feet due to normal daily wear and tear of joints. Some additional identified issues, which I can vouch for, are that the skin starts to become thin and loses its elasticity as well as becoming dry and much more fragile. This goes for both men and women, as age is non-discriminating when it comes to our bodies and feet.

Though I am a medical professional, you should always consult your physician should you develop any such problems to ensure there is nothing else going on but age. I believe that all of us women can agree foot pain can be debilitating. This is the reason why many bring a spare set of comfy shoes to an event where they know their feet will take a licking. (When at the beach, flip-flop it!)

The lesson from this story is be kind to your feet. You only have two, and you need them both for those long, late-night dance sessions that might last only until 10 p.m. for some of us oldies but goodies. As for the Cinderella who lost her shoes, I only have one thing to say: You go, girl!

Patty Kelly lives in Blue Bell, Pa., and Beach Haven Park.











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