Classic Rockers Up ’n’ Gone Country: Find Out the Fredstones’ New Name This Friday at Breeze’s

Sep 26, 2018
Source: Supplied

The popular Tuckerton-based classic rock band The Fredstones invites everyone to a party this Friday to reveal its momentous name change, Sept. 28 at Breeze’s in New Gretna. The band has recently undergone something of a transformation of its lineup and musical direction.

Joining the band are lead guitarist Josh Werner and bass player Mike Serdinsky, as well as the occasional guest, such as Ted Russell on pedal steel guitar. On rhythm guitar is the band’s namesake, Fred Conley. Chef George Fisher plays drums. The new sound is more along the lines of modern country with “hick-hop” flair and some rockabilly and Southern rock mixed in. Country music has been going over well these days, even among young audiences, Fisher said.

When the time comes, band members will make the big announcement by posting the new banner over the old banner. As the suspense has begun to build, a tight lid has been kept on the secret – as this reporter was not given the new name, even off the record.

The following phrases were offered as hints: American trucks, GPS, and a country instrument.

For the musicians, it’s important to stay willing to change and grow. “If I have to play ‘Mustang Sally’ one more time …,” Fisher joked. He has learned thousands of lyrics since September, as he acclimates to a whole new musical culture. He enjoys the messages in country lyrics, which tend to stress the importance of working hard, kicking back and having fun and being a good citizen.

So Fisher is excited about the changes. He said the blended ranges and textures of the vocals give the band a broader repertoire. They throw in some Stray Cats and Grateful Dead, bluegrass-style, and the crowd eats it all up.  —V.F.



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