Clean Up the Stench

Jun 20, 2018

To the Editor:

After reading a couple of newspapers last week, I have come to several conclusions.

First, on the national front, after listening to both Inspector General Horowitz giving his “no bias” report on the FBI even though at least six top FBI officials had severe anti-Trump emails flying around the office, and then FBI Director Wray beginning his news conference by stating, “Here’s what that report did not say,” I immediately knew the corruption in both our top law enforcement agencies in America is so invasive that it will take years to clean up the stench.

Now on the state level, I read that the all-Democrat governance is about ready to shut down all offices again at month’s end as the governor wants to make New Jersey the new California East on the Atlantic (California with its drug-infested homeless camps in every city) and then wants to raise state taxes, including our sales tax, to fund his wacko agenda.

And finally at the local level, in response to the woman who wrote in this paper last week that she “can’t even bear to write his (the current president’s) name,” hey, don’t feel too badly. When I think of the massive damage the just previous president did to our economy, our national security (see Yemen, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela), along with our rules of law, I can’t eat for a week.

Peter Incardone

Surf City

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