Clear Choice

Oct 25, 2017

To the Editor:

Voters of Barnegat Light, on Nov. 7 you will be asked to vote for two council positions up for election. The choice is clear. Dottie Reynolds and Mary Ellen Foley are members of the Barnegat Light community who embody what it means to be productive and dedicated councilwomen. Both have strong ties to the town and both have shown time and time again what they respectively bring to the table.

Dottie Reynolds is an anchor on council as chairwoman of beaches and parks, consistently providing her time and energy improving Barnegat Light for all who live and visit our beautiful town. Her management of the beaches and parklands in an environmentally conservative way has helped create arguably the best beaches on the Island and dare I say in the entire state.

Dottie’s tireless leadership with the Friends of the Ocean County Animal Shelter has resulted in saving thousands of dogs and cats from what would be certain destruction. The feral cat program has saved taxpayers unnecessary costs associated with animal control while managing the population on the Island in a humane, cost-effective way. The expansive beaches and maritime forests are a testament to Dottie’s forward thinking for preservation and cultivation while fortifying our primary defense line against storms and beach erosion.

Mary Ellen Foley is a highly educated and wildly successful businesswoman. As a member of the Barnegat Light Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary and vice chairwoman of the planning board, Mary Ellen has intimate knowledge of municipal government procedures and finance. She has been coming to council meetings for years and will give the council a new, fresh and well-thought-out perspective when elected.

Mary Ellen, like Dottie, supports the local fishing community and the jobs and revenue it provides for not only residents and the town but also the region as a whole. Mary Ellen understands that for Barnegat Light to succeed we must take a holistic approach to the town through a unified council that works together for the betterment of all involved.

Please take into consideration what will be best for Barnegat Light and elect Dottie Reynolds and Mary Ellen Foley for Barnegat Light Borough Council.

Scott W. Sharpless, councilman

Barnegat Light

The writer is president of the Barnegat Light Republican Club.


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