Condo Complex Slated to Break Ground Soon at Causeway Circle

Construction Taking Into Account Squaring Off Surrounding Roads as Part of Bridge Project
Sep 20, 2017
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

For more than two decades, the site of the former Exxon gas station at the entry to Long Beach Boulevard has sat vacant, used sporadically for the parking of large construction vehicles and borough police watching traffic as motorists travel on and off the Island.

That’s all about to change with the expected groundbreaking of a 24-unit condominium complex there in the next six or so weeks.

“It’s a kick-ass project,” Nick Garafolo, managing member of Shore Properties LLC, which successfully secured approval for the project in September 2016 from the Ship Bottom Land Use Board, said earlier this month.

Plans for The Arlington Beach Club call for the construction of two three-story buildings joined by a courtyard and a pool area. Each building, according to the Sept. 21, 2016 resolution, will contain 12 apartments, four on each floor, of either two or three bedrooms, at 107 W. Ninth Street. Each unit will have its own outdoor living space and a storage unit, Garafolo said.

The site is surrounded by Ninth Street to the south, Long Beach Boulevard to the east, Eight Street to the north and Central Avenue to the west. The so-called Causeway Circle, however, won’t be a circle much longer. The circle will be reconfigured as a square once the state Department of Transportation completes its $350 million bridge project, slated tentatively for the summer of 2020, though the end date is predicated on weather and other outside factors.

The future site of The Arlington Beach Club is to be squared off to make room for the traffic flow changes on all four roadways surrounding the site, according to Dan Triana, DOT public information officer. The DOT’s proposed improvements in Ship Bottom include converting a section of Long Beach Boulevard, the main thoroughfare on the 18-mile Island, into a two-way road at the future site of The Arlington Beach Club, he said.

“Long Beach Boulevard is currently one-way northbound between Eight and Ninth streets,” Triana said, noting the improvements would provide southbound traffic with a more direct route to areas south of Route 72. “As a result of the new design, a new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Eight and Ninth streets and the Boulevard.”

Central Avenue, the one-way road southbound between Third and Eleventh streets in Ship Bottom before motorists come to the traffic circle, is also expected to be reconfigured, Triana said. This section of the road would be converted to allow for two-way traffic, he said.

Left turns at Central Avenue will be prohibited at the intersection with Eighth and Ninth streets, he said. Other roadway improvements include widening the road along Eighth and Ninth streets by 13 feet to accommodate an additional lane of traffic, a 3-foot wider inside shoulder and a new 8-foot wider shoulder, according to Triana.

“Similarly, Ninth Street will be widened 6 feet to accommodate a wider 3-foot inside shoulder and a 12-foot far right travel lane,” he said, “and a new 4-foot bike lane.”

Garafolo said his project, which should be completed before the bridge project, will be built with the final road configuration in mind.

“We’re not building to what (the site) is now but knowing what it will be,” said Garafolo. In 2011, as part of Causeway Partners LLC, he had previously received approval from the Land Use Board to develop the former Exxon gas station site with an office building and three model s of modular homes, he said. Work on that project began during the winter of 2012 but it was never fully developed.

In the meantime, the bridge project continues to move forward with separate contracts to expedite the design, and construction, Triana said.

“Although the contracts are in various stages of development,” he said, “the overall project is advancing on schedule.”

Gina G. Scala


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