Construction Overload

Oct 24, 2018

To the Editor:

OK, so here we go again. Someone, somewhere has a great idea and Manahawkin is once again under siege with destruction and more construction.

Anyone who is native to the area or has been in the area since the ’70s, or longer, can remember the beauty and the peacefulness, remember seeing the deer, the wildlife, so many species of birds, butterflies and being able to enjoy the tranquility of a walk through the woods. They were the reasons so many escaped the cities on weekends and vacations and hoped to one day move to the area. Many did.

Now Route 72 is not only under constant construction at various points, but many of the reasons we all loved coming to the shore are gone. So much of the woods is being destroyed and, I’m sure, much of the wildlife along with it. Route 72 is like driving on a major highway, becoming more stressful by the day, and has no appeal. Instead of enjoying nature, we now have signs, signs and more signs along with heavy equipment, barricades and cones. Oh yes, and don’t forget the vacant stores and buildings. These were so important that we had to destroy our natural resources only to watch them remain vacant, or be vacated and fall into a state of disrepair.

Is there a point where the destruction to our habitat, natural resources and overall well-being becomes enough? The loss of nature does affect health. Blacktop and concrete don’t clean the air we breathe.

Last, but by no means least, has anyone really taken a look at the lower end of Bay Avenue? Whatever happened to maintaining the property you own, be it a commercial property or residential dwelling? I know many are rentals, but shame on the owners for allowing their properties to fall into such disrepair and shame on the township for not having or enforcing any ordinances that would control this. Several properties on this road have become an eyesore, which is unfortunate, because as we all know, this road serves as an alternate to Route 72 when the summer traffic is heavy. Is this the impression we want to give of our neighborhood?

Thank you to the residents and businesses who do take pride in maintaining their properties. Hopefully, you will inspire those who choose to ignore the shambles they are creating.

Susan Blackmore



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