Containers Too Big

Feb 06, 2019

The following was addressed to Little Egg Harbor Mayor Barbara Crea.

Dear Mayor Crea:

I live in Mystic Shores Adult Community, which was opened in 1974, has been built out and only has a few two-car garages. With the number of adult communities (six?) in our township, I believe the committee and the Public Works Department should be aware of the problems some seniors (those in their 70s, 80s and 90s) are having with the size of the recycling containers.

We were not given a choice; only the largest one was available at no cost. Besides the problem that some residents cannot fit the blue and green containers in their one-car garages, the size is now a problem with these seniors in getting them to the curb, and our neighbors are sometimes in the same age bracket or the houses are on an incline.

Unless a government regulation has been set into law regarding the size residents must have, the township should take all this into consideration before residents fall and arrange for an exchange with homeowners for a smaller container. We did have three sizes to choose from with the blue containers.

It’s especially impossible for a senior using a walker, as I do, to manage the size of the green container we had to accept. At 93, I have a problem getting my containers to the curb and have to ask my 80-plus neighbor to get mine down my higher driveway. These problems, I’m sure, apply to some seniors living in Little Egg Harbor but not in restricted developments.

Please bring this problem up at an open meeting of the committee.

Janice M. Bennet

Little Egg Harbor

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