Contrast in Perspective

Sep 12, 2018

To the Editor:

Fear vs. hope! Deception vs. truth! Division vs. unity! Authoritarian vs. collaboration! Critical vs. constructive! 

As I watched and listened to President Obama last week speaking to the University of Illinois student body, I pondered these contradictory comparisons as the students and school staff hung on every word as if starved for civility and substance.

Not only was his speech comprehensive and candid, it was totally refreshing to hear from the missing leadership that the Democrats have not had since President Obama completed his second term. It was compelling, emotional and current as President Obama directly, defiantly and truthfully addressed the attempted demolition of democracy by the White House’s current occupant.

No one in the Democratic Party has risen to excite the party, who possesses the charisma, substance, class and commitment of President Obama. Welcome back!

Bill Green

Beach Haven


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