Cool Fundraiser

Aug 31, 2016

To the Editor:

Brandy, a former student of mine, is putting herself through college (3.8 GPA) while working full-time. She recently became engaged, and I’d like to help pay for her wedding gown. To this end, I’ve put a cooler containing bottled water in front of my home at 13th and Barnegat Avenue in Ship Bottom.

I’ve asked for $1 a bottle with all proceeds going toward the purchase of Brandy’s gown. I’ve also instructed the thirsty (who aren’t carrying money) to help themselves to a bottle.

The largesse of my neighbors, especially Doreen, Jack and Frank, has brought the current total to $84.27! Since Brandy is not marrying until 2018, I plan on continuing this project next summer.

Bless you, everyone, for your kindness and generosity.

Mary Bolognese

Ship Bottom


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