Corrupting the Column

Mar 15, 2017

To the Editor:

I have been a faithful subscriber to your paper for at least 25 years or so and I enjoy reading every copy albeit a week later since I am in North Carolina. One thing that really burns me up, however, is how certain people seem to get their letters to the editor published very often.

I don’t know Barbara Truncellito from Barnegat Light, but I know that her political opinions sicken me, especially after reading her most recent letter (“Fight Fascism,” 2/22). I really wish you could keep political letters to the editor out of the paper simply because they do nothing but pit one person against another with rebuttals, etc. And it’s all very childish to continue on with attacks on Trump and the Democrats’ agenda vs. the Republicans’ agenda.

In my opinion, letters to the editor should be about LBI news, happenings, tidbits and even a little of the mainland. But don’t continue to corrupt that column and your paper with gross, childish and ignorant political letters from either side of the aisle. Doing without these letters would make your paper a much more enjoyable read.

I love LBI and I love The SandPaper, just not the letters section all the time.

Bob Warchol

Catawba, N.C.

Editor’s Note: Letters about local matters always take precedence in The SandPaper. However, as part of our mission as a newspaper, we strive to provide a forum for area residents and visitors to make their opinions known on a wide range of topics. There are limits on letter submissions due to space. The letter writer cited last had a letter published in December. Other letter writers of other political persuasions have had their letters published more frequently than that. Thank you, Bob, for your faithful support.


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