Council Considering Parking Ban on West Sixth Street in Barnegat Light

Jun 20, 2018

Barnegat Light Borough Council has introduced an ordinance to ban parking on both sides of West Sixth Street between Broadway and Bayview Avenue. The reason discussed referred to potential danger being that Sixth Street is part of a truck route to nearby businesses, combined with a miniature golf course under construction at Sixth and Broadway.

Second reading and public hearing are scheduled for next month’s meeting, on July 11. Between now and then, the mayor and council members said they will look at the site plan for parking at the miniature golf course for further input and consideration.

The northwesternmost sector of the street is boat storage and parking for a marina.

Little additional discussion on the topic took place at the meeting.

In other formal business, the borough appointed a new municipal court judge, James Liguori, who also serves Long Beach Township. The change is due to health issues of the prior judge, council members said.

Three liquor license renewals were approved: Barlight Corp – Kubel’s; 404 Broadway Restaurant Partners LLC – Daymark; and The Keepers at Barnegat Light Corp. – liquor store. —M.S.

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