County to Fix Shoaling in Barnegat Lagoon

Jul 11, 2018

Residents of 11th Street in Barnegat Township have to wait until high tide to get their boats in the lagoon behind their properties.

That’s because silt discharging from a storm drain pipe connected to the Lochiel Creek creates shoaling conditions where boats could get stuck if they venture out during low tide. The creek serves as a border between Barnegat and Waretown. 

“Having stormwater runoff from the pipe into the lagoon is normal,” said Deputy Mayor Alfonso Cirulli. “But lately a lot of sediment has been discharged. We’ve received quite a few complaints. Sometimes, the boats all have to go to one side of the lagoon to make their way out to the Barnegat Bay.”

Cirulli said the county is taking responsibility to fix the situation since it owns the storm drain pipe.

“We’re hoping this can be done during the summer, so the people can at least enjoy going out on their boats any time during the day,” he said.

Township engineer John Hess said it would not be a major undertaking by the county.

“We’re not talking about dredging up the whole lagoon,” he said. “It’s mostly in the area of the pipe.”

The sediment discharge also affects some 11th Street homes in Waretown.

“I’ve been in touch with the county,” said township administrator Diane Ambrosio. “They’re hoping to start something soon, but I haven’t yet received a timetable.”  —E.E.











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