Critical Election

Oct 24, 2018

To the Editor:

We’re close to the finish line. For me, this is the most important election of my lifetime. I pray for our country each morning, as I’ve never seen such division. How did we come to a place where fear and bigotry overrule the fellowship of man and the camaraderie in community?

We’ve replaced dialogue with high tech – that is, smart phones and someone’s interpretation of current events. I wonder how we’ve replaced human kindness and compassion with contempt.

The issues facing us this year have to do with a decent lifestyle afforded to the majority of Americans who want to work and participate in society. Yet, a tax cut was just passed that gutted that for the majority of people and left the proceeds only for the top 1 percent of individuals and corporations.

None of this is trickling down, folks. It was never the plan. The numbers look “good,” or do they? Corporations such as Ford, Verizon and GM are laying off people due to lackluster sales. Bank stocks are down because people cannot afford new homes let alone the property taxes. Food prices are driven up due to the unfortunate tariffs placed on foreign trade. Healthcare costs are at an all-time high if one can even afford it.

The Republican House and Senate have left us high and dry with a $23 trillion deficit. We are facing similar economic conditions to 2006 and 2007. Do you remember the recession of 2008? This time, however, we are in terrible debt and we’ve insulted our allies across the globe.

On Nov. 6, vote for Democrat Jeff Van Drew in District 2, Democrat Andy Kim in District 3, and return Democrat Bob Menendez to the U.S. Senate. Your future and the future of your children depend on it.

Barbara Truncellito

Barnegat Light


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