Crossed the Line

Feb 07, 2018

To the Editor:

Every morning I wake up with a sense of dread. What has that man in our Oval Office done now? My stomach churns as I listen to his latest shenanigans.

Well this time, he crossed the line. By declassifying the Nunes FISA memo, this president should certainly be brought up on charges of treason. I don’t use that word lightly, but in this case it is certainly appropriate, not only for Trump but for all the Republican representatives and senators who stood behind this decision. This memo isn’t even an official document. It’s an interpretation of the FISA application by a Trump stooge.

National security is at stake, and we cannot tolerate this gross negligence. Our intelligence agencies advised against the release of this memo and state that because it is written out of context, it doesn’t reflect the truth. People need to see this for what it is, a means of distracting and discrediting the Russia investigation.

Marianne P. Clemente, chair,

Barnegat Democratic Municipal Committee


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