Custom Window Treatments Add Finishing Touch

Apr 16, 2018

As the saying goes, the shoes makes the outfit. In home design, that’s the role of window treatments. Like finding the perfect shoes, discovering what will best suit your home design and lifestyle takes time. From sheer curtain panels to Roman shades, valances and energy-efficient blackout drapery, changing your window treatments is almost as easy as changing your shoes.

But when homeowners think of a focal point, they often build it around a fireplace or electronic entertainment area, instead of the windows. That’s where some of the biggest design blunders can occur. Rather than leave window treatments as an afterthought, they should be an integral part of the overall design style of a home, according to Maria Maruzza, who owns and operates Fabric Works Custom Window Treatments in Barnegat with her husband, Sam. There are so many layers to what the right window treatment can do for a room and, by extension, a home, she said.

“It adds more than a privacy layer,” Maruzza said. “It corrects lighting, heat and cooling and brings your personality into a room. Often, it is a great way to bring color into your home.”

That’s one of the reasons she cautions against leaving windows undressed even as the trend in window treatments moves away from traditional, tailored drapery panels to a more minimalist style.

“It just finishes a room. It’s like putting sprinkles on ice cream,” she said, noting with gray, a very contemporary color and still the top color scheme for many homes, adding window treatments in blue, which is the trend, is nice to see. “It adds luxury and value to the whole room.”

While the possibilities are nearly limitless, Maruzza, who has been sewing evening wear and special occasion clothing for children for more than 40 years, said the weight of the fabric plays a big role in how the overall look and feel of the window treatments will impact the home design.

“Some fabric is better for draping,” she said, noting there is a variety of fabric choices, including light-weight fabrics. “It depends on the application. Never compromise on style.”

Among the most popular materials in window treatments are: organic materials, silk, velvet, damask, fur, leather and suede. Regardless of your fabric choice, simply designed custom window treatments achieve embellishment and opulence without being fussy. Window treatments give a room the right amount of character to create a feeling of coziness, warmth and luxury.

Maruzza began her business in 2003 in North Jersey after a retail store she worked for asked her to do alterations and displays. Since moving to the shore, she hasn’t seen a big difference between home design styles among her clients, though traditional window treatments still remain popular in North Jersey.

“Some still like valances and Roman shades,” she said, adding cornices, an ornamental molding around the wall of a room just below the ceiling, are also popular. “It all depends on the client and their style.”

It also depends on whether the vision she and her client share can be achieved. That’s where working with her husband, Sam, who installs the fabrications, has helped her better understand what will work and what won’t, Maruzza said.

“We've been influenced by our Italian roots,” she said, noting her mother-in-law had her own window treatment business and that she herself as been sewing since she was 13. First, she sewed clothes for herself, then for her children. “We have a long line of artisans in our family with old world passion for design, combined with pride of fabrication and installation of good quality window fashions.”

Although Maruzza continues to make children’s clothing, her passion is in window treatments and in helping her clients find the perfect finishing touch for their homes.

“It’s like putting a puzzle together,” she said. “I like to see the end result; that’s the icing on the cake.”

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— Gina G. Scala

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