Dedicated to NJ

Oct 31, 2018

To the Editor:

I make a big effort to avoid watching the political ads on TV, as so many of them are screaming, theatrical performances with lots of lies. (My father, a longtime Republican mayor, taught me not to lie and is surely rolling over in his grave now.) Hardly any real facts … which is redundant, so I’ll say “hardly any facts” – if it’s not a fact, it’s not real.

Tom MacArthur’s diatribe ad against Andy Kim, describing him as a radical leftist with burning buildings in the background, just made me sick. I had the opportunity to meet Kim recently and read his bio. He is thoughtful, well educated and, most importantly, experienced in so many aspects of government service. Andy Kim grew up in Marlton, went to public schools there and is dedicated to New Jersey. I am sorry I don’t live across the bay so I could vote for him.

Margaret Thomas Buchholz

Harvey Cedars

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