Dedicated Volunteer

Oct 10, 2018

To the Voters of Stafford Township:

As the founder of the international disaster relief organization Waves For Water. I met Joe Mangino just days after Superstorm Sandy plowed into the Northeastern Seaboard. I was there taking initial assessments to formulate our response plan. Typically during our assessment phase I am not only looking to survey the damage; I am looking to build local networks that will eventually become the actual implementers of our relief programs.

Southern Ocean County was hit really hard, and Joe was one of the initial local volunteers whom we met. After just a few moments speaking with him, I could already tell he was exactly the type of person we look for in these situations – humble, focused, calm, intelligent and clearly respected by those around him.

Throughout the following months, Joe was a dedicated volunteer who helped form START (Stafford Teachers and Residents Together) and became a key to the W4W/Jetty Recovery in Southern Ocean County. His work really resonated around the whole Jersey Shore. His efforts helped save the town of Stafford millions of dollars, by organizing armies of volunteers to gut water-damaged homes.

There were out-of-state opportunistic contractors coming in, trying to gouge residents with incredibly high prices. In fact, even to have the work done by local professionals was expensive. Joe was able to get a lot of this work done for little, or in some cases, no cost, to the resident.

It came to our attention, months into this initiative, that his own home had been flooded and his business equipment destroyed. He, his wife, two daughters and cats were all sharing one bedroom at a friend’s place. Despite this, he still went out every day and helped his community. It is a true testament to his character – selflessly addressing the needs of others before his own.

He later transitioned into a leading community activist, in Trenton, influencing legislation that helped Sandy victims in the long term.

In all of my years doing this work, I’ve met very few people who possess all the qualities that Joe has. It was an honor to work beside him during Sandy and an even greater honor to share my sentiments now, in full support of his current mayoral campaign for Stafford Township.

Jon Rose

Waves For Water Inc.

Los Angeles, Calif.

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