Deep-Six Drill Plan

Jul 19, 2017

To the Bureau of Energy Management:

Allowing offshore drilling would not only jeopardize the way of life of my friends and family but also the millions of people who live and work up and down the East Coast. What’s at stake with the proposed five-year offshore drilling plan?


Millions of people depend on tourism to sustain themselves. This plan is placing short-term gains of the few over our livelihood.

We have seen what terms like “progress” and “development” in the oil industry have yielded: destruction and environmental disaster. History has shown what can, and does, happen. The BP oil spill in the Gulf, the All American Pipeline spill in Santa Barbara and the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska are just a few that come to mind.

It’s not just the oil spill that is damaging but the thousands of gallons of “drilling muds” containing contaminants like arsenic, benzene and radioactive materials that are released into the ocean.

What happens when a person opens a store or hotel on the coast? Jobs.

What happens when a person buys a commercial-recreational fishing boat? Jobs.

What happens when a tourist buys a surfboard, a sandwich, a painting, a hermit crab, a hat, sunblock, a bathing suit? Jobs, jobs and more jobs.

What happens when those millions of tourists travel to the coast and consume gas and convenience store goods? Jobs.

What happens when there’s an oil spill that contaminates the beaches beyond repair? People stop coming, which means loss of jobs to add to the death of our marine life.

If you want to create jobs in the energy industry, consider a more sustainable option and invest in renewable energy.

This plan threatens not just our existence, but more importantly, the existence of the next generation that would have to face the horrible consequences of this action. What is the legacy that you want to leave your children? Is it one of heroism and self-preservation or one of devastation and plunder?

I urge you and your cohorts to make the right decision today for the future of tomorrow. Billions of dollars, millions of lives and thousands of jobs lay in the balance of this decision.

Cory Belyea

Brant Beach

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