Deeply Touched

Jan 10, 2018

To the Editor:

This 80-year-old disabled veteran was deeply touched by the kind gesture of an anonymous donor after reading my letter in The SandPaper (“Almost Homeless.” 12/13). It brought tears to my eyes and in a way restored my faith in human kindness.

I really wasn’t expecting anything and I was beginning to believe that many Americans care not about the plight of the veterans in need. I had fallen on bad times and found no way to climb out of the hole that I had dug for myself.

Once I owned a home in the Pocono Mountains and was a “great teacher” and later a principal in Vermont and then overseas in Southeast Asia. I had it all. I have an elderly Thai wife living in Thailand with our 8-year-old grandson, whom I haven’t seen in five years. My service-connected disability and my advanced age prevented me from getting any kind of employment and I was forced to seek help from some of the local agencies. As a once proud man I had to humble myself seeking some aid. Perhaps it was a godsend that the not-so-nice people evicted me because it will force me somehow to return to my family in Southeast Asia.

I wish the kind person who read my story God’s blessings and a happy New Year.

Benjamin Lucciola

West Creek

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