Dem Phobes

Jul 19, 2017

To the Editor:

In keeping with the season I offer this light fare, to the tune of the folk song “Dem Bones.”

Dem phobes dem phobes dem left phobes

Dem phobes dem phobes dem lib phobes

Dem phobes dem phobes dem mean phobes

Are gonna lead the re-sis-tance

Now the xenophobe connected to the Islamaphobe

And the Islamaphobe connected to the racist phobe

And the racist phobe connected to the ban phobe

We can hear the words of the left

(Back to refrain)

Now the green phobe connected to the eco phobe

And the eco phobe connected to the carbon phobe

And the carbon phobe connected to the climate phobe

They can see the end of the world

Now the Russia phobe connected to the collusion phobe

And the collusion phobe connected to the obstruction phobe

And they’re all looking forward to the impeach phobe

But the facts will lead elsewhere!

Seriously, get a grip, trust the rule of law, obey the Constitution in its original text, and have a nice summer with this earworm in your brain.

James Spickard

Little Egg Harbor


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