Demilitarize Foreign Policy

Jan 31, 2018

To the Editor:

My biggest wish for the U.S. is that we find peace with the whole world and lay down “our swords into plowshares.”

The U.S. has been in military conflicts for 93 percent of its existence, and continuously throughout the 21st century. It has delivered death and destruction, not democracy, and has made us less secure and more distrusted and despised in many areas of the world.

We spend more than half of our available resources and appropriations on the military, while cutting social programs and essential services. Congress will seek to increase military spending and pay for it with cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other social safety net programs. That is what they have declared.

It is long past time to demilitarize U.S. foreign policy, our relations with the world’s countries, and use those precious resources to meet our critical needs. That is my ardent wish for our country in the coming year.

Carole Marks



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