Dig That Dog Park

Aug 24, 2016

To the Editor:

I love Marjorie Amon’s photo of the dog looking at the signs on the gate at the Barnegat Light dog park in last week’s SandPaper. My dog, Lucy, and I are regular park visitors, and I must take exception to some of the comments reported in the related article.

“Another man who is a regular dog park attendee ... suggested that a shovel be left at the park for future fillings.” He couldn’t be that regular because there has been a shovel at the park for the past two years. Dog owners use the shovel to fill holes and level the ground. I admit, I wasn’t around when the hole in question was dug, but all of the owners who are there when I have been there not only discourage digging but fill the holes and level the ground from their dogs and others.

I have never seen a dog owner not pick up his or her dog’s waste; in fact, we will scoop what is near us just to be friendly.

When you pass the park, please notice that dog owners are also active in the field; they are there to keep an eye on their dog and his/her behavior much like parents watch their children while in group play. Except for once, I have always had positive experiences for myself and my dog, and that one time peer pressure from the other dog owners brought the offending party into line. 

Instead of Mayor Larson complaining about folks coming from long distances to Barnegat Light’s dog park, he should be happy the park brings people to his town. Barnegat Light doesn’t need an advertising budget; it has the dog park. People come to socialize and exercise their dogs, but they also come and spend their money and tell their friends about Barnegat Light. They visit the shops, the delis, the local eateries and wander around the charming town.

I live in Harvey Cedars so I could easily shop in Surf City or grab a bite to eat there, but I choose Barnegat Light for two reasons: I am already there with my dog and have found so many good places I would never have known about had I not heard about them at the dog park.

Barnegat Light, your dog park is one of your many treasurers.

Lona LeSchander

Harvey Cedars



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