Disappointing Decision

Jul 18, 2018

To the Editor:

Thank you, Pat Johnson, for your attention to and thorough, balanced coverage of this compelling drama concerning the historic Bass River State Forest (“Pinelands Commission to Act on Tree Cutting at Fire Tower,” 7/11).

I am only marginally acquainted with the white pines at issue, based on what I see when driving past the entrance to Lake Absegami. Now that I read about the clear-cutting plan of 16 acres, I intend to hurry and explore this woodland treasure before it is destroyed.

I am very disappointed to read of the hard-headed resistance to reasonable arguments made for moving wildfire detection into the 21st century, rather than relying on Civil War-era technology of sending a guy up a tower with a set of binoculars.

In this age of when “progress” is usually the culprit in sacrificing a wildlands treasure, how odd it is to see a stubborn insistence that wildfire detection in this area must depend on the old ways.

Neal Roberts

Lanoka Harbor


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