Disdainful Acts

Sep 27, 2017

To the Editor:

Candidates make promises. Promises pertain to political, economic and social issues. Some of the promises are kept and some are not. We are all familiar with this process because it is thousands of years old.

I find it hard to believe that in our country, in the 21st century, I came across a promise made by candidate Trump to remove 800,000 young people from the only country they know and to send them to countries familiar only to their parents.

The innocence of the 800,000 targets is known and so is the reaction of the American people. Regardless, Trump the president is converting the promise to reality, not because the majority of U.S. citizens want him to but because that is the wish of a political minority affiliated with President Trump.

Such disdainful acts occur from time to time throughout the world. I will close with an example. In 1922, Turkey decided to get rid of any and all Greek immigrants. They were put in small boats and sent to Greece. My mother was one of those “travelers.” She was 9 years old, born in Smyrna, Turkey. She had never visited Greece, yet she had to start a new life with her parents, who had left Greece many years before. The only reason they survived was that Greece had a plan in place that would accommodate the immigrants upon arrival.

Now we choose to bring back disdainful acts because it appears that we are entering a new period, a new way of doing things. One administration will do and the succeeding administration will “get even” by undoing. Never mind the consequences. Disregard the wish of the majority. “Repeal” becomes the word in style.

Therefore, on behalf of the Democratic Club of Long Beach Island, I would like to call upon all Americans regardless of political affiliation to protest any such decisions and actions.

John Kostopoulos, president

Democratic Club of LBI

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