Do Unto Others ...

Jul 18, 2018

To the Editor:

As a dog lover and former dog owner, I read with amusement Wendy McClure’s missive (“What’s a Dog to Do Around Here?” 7/4).

I hope it was written to be amusing as her “anti-dog people” thing seems to miss the most fundamental consideration, a.k.a., the Golden Rule: “Do (no pun intended) unto others as you wish them to do unto you.” 

Instead of taking her dog to other people’s property to urinate and defecate, why not use her own property? Not only would she be showing consideration and respect for other people’s property, but she need not lament that she cannot take her dog for a walk. If Ms. McClure did not write in jest, she may want to consider:

• Children often play in their yards and with stones, and yes, sometimes put them in their mouth. Yuk, a yellow stone and not the national park!

• Ever get a whiff of a trash can in the thick of summer after days of it containing feces, on top of the garbage odor? If you like that smell, you should consider using your own can and perhaps labeling it for such use by your neighbors. By the way, there’s a community health reason why human waste is not disposed of in personal trash cans.

• “Anti-dog people” do not object to dogs, just their inconsiderate owners.

As for the ducks and Ms. McClure’s deck, yes, ducks and dogs are God’s creatures, so the next time she sees someone walking their duck on her property, and leaving its solid waste behind, if she finds it so objectionable, she should say something to its owner. She may be surprised by the reply!

Tony Cirillo

Beach Haven

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