Dog Beach Needed

Jun 07, 2017

To the Editor:

For those of us with dogs, coming to LBI is bittersweet. Watching our best friends frolicking in the waves during the off-season is pure magic. They seem as happy as a dog can possibly be. So when spring rolls around and they are no longer allowed on the beach, it’s agonizing for everyone involved.

Loving pet owners have no way to explain to their dogs why they can no longer go on the beach, and the dogs stare at us pleadingly, desperate to spend time at their favorite spot in the world and confused about why we’re suddenly being so withholding.

People’s relationships with their canine friends have evolved over the years, and for many of us, they’re as much a member of the family as any one else, and should be treated as such. How is it possible that there is not even one beach on LBI that allows dogs?

Sure, there are irresponsible dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs, and those people should be fined. Harshly. But good dogs and good dog owners should not have to suffer because of a few inconsiderate individuals.

LBI needs at least one dog-friendly beach – ocean or bay. Provide bags and trash cans and post signs threatening expensive fines. Heck, put up cameras. Whatever it takes so that responsible pet owners can show our dogs some love. It would pay for itself in tourism dollars. Serious dog lovers don’t want to stay on an island where there’s no place for their dog to cool off.

I’ve been coming here my entire life and it’s my favorite place, but if my family didn’t have a house here, I would be looking for a much more canine-friendly vacation option. One beach is not that much to ask. Please, LBI, toss us a bone! 

Chrissy Rossettie Sakes (and Chongo the corgi)

Kingston, N.Y.



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